How to choose a swimsuit

A month or two before the beach season, fashionistas think about buying a fashionable swimsuit. The product should be not only stylish and fashionable, but also profitable to present all the charms of the figure of its owner and hide the flaws.

The choice of a swimsuit depending on the type of figure

To have a good time on the beach, it is important to feel one hundred percent comfortable and confident in your attractiveness. For this swimsuit, you need to choose a swimsuit depending on the type of figure.


Girls with a rectangular type of figure should give preference to models that visually create bends at the waist. One-piece swimwear with vertical or diagonal stripes will help to get the result. There are also separate swimwear. The top and bottom of the product should visually increase the volume of hidden parts of the body.

Fashionable women with a triangular figure should bet on swimsuits with swimming trunks with a low rise or in the form of shorts. You can focus on them with the help of a ruffle, a bright ribbon or skirt, which will visually increase the hips. Such swimming trunks with a halter bodice will look very organic.


Owners of a pear-shaped figure need to make a choice in favor of swimsuits that focus on the chest. It can be a halter bodice with a bright print or ruffles, V-neck. The hips will visually appear narrower.

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These swimwear are more of a special kind of cocktail outfit than a swimming costume. Such custom-made outfits are designed for beach parties or pool parties. These models are designed to attract attention to the hostess with an exquisite design, decor from lace and rhinestones, a beautiful sheen of fabric. Swimming in an evening swimsuit is undesirable, although he will survive the clear water of the pool.



Typical styles of closed models:

1. Bikini - the most revealing version of a bathing suit, covering the minimum body area (within the permitted, of course). The set consists of small triangular panties with ties and the same miniature bodice on thin straps. The latter can be soft or go with tight cups, with or without bones. Particularly popular today are models with push up bras.

2. Bandeau - a variant of the classic open swimsuit with concise and clear lines. The bodice in this set is made in the form of a wide elastic band that tightly covers the chest. This model does not involve shoulder straps, which allows you to get a beautiful and even tan without white stripes on the shoulders.

3. Tank - a tight supporting swimsuit. The bodice here is in the form of a short top with wide one-piece straps. This model is suitable for women with heavy breasts, since the swimsuit has hard cups with good support.

4. Halter - a good way to raise the bust thanks to the straps that are tied or fastened on the neck. The only difference from the massive tank is the soft cups of the bodice.

Pros of open swimwear:

A variety of styles;

Ability to combine top and bottom from different sets;

Maximum open skin for a smooth tan;

Sexy appearance

It is more convenient to dress in a cabin on the beach;

Any part of the swimsuit can be replaced with clothing items (ordinary skirt, T-shirt, shorts, etc.).


To wear such swimwear, you need a tightened belly. Or courage.



Contrary to its name, not all such swimsuits look chaste. The most revealing models are more reminiscent of separate sets, the top and bottom of which are connected only by decorative inserts. There are closed swimsuits with a skirt or retro options made in the form of a short dress.

Such models are not inferior in popularity to open ones. On the contrary: it was the “deaf” bathing suits that became the trend of this summer and the basis of the collections of leading world designers.

Unlike his sexy open-minded fellow, a closed beach outfit can hide or correct figure flaws (sagging tummy, excessive fullness, problem skin). However, slender girls in such swimsuits also look very impressive.

Typical styles of closed models:

1. Mayo - a classic with sewn on straps and a shallow neckline.

2. One-piece bando resembles a high corset with a horizontal line along the chest - often goes without shoulder straps and harnesses.

3. Closed tankini and solid halter - they are exact copies of the same open models, only the bodice and swimming trunks are sewn together here.

4. Plunge - a very frank and sexy swimsuit, where the bodice is more likely to look like very wide suspenders sewn to swimming trunks. Due to the lack of cups and an unrealistically deep cut, it requires a small and neat chest from its owner.

5. Monokini - a kind of hybrid of a closed and separate kit. In fact - an open swimsuit, where the bodice and swimming trunks have purely symbolic connections in the form of braid, beads or laces.

6. Swim-dress - a beach dress that can end at the bottom with a short skirt, shortened to swimming trunks, or a short skirt.

Pros of closed swimwear:

Hide imperfections of the figure;

Beautifully emphasize the bends of the female body;

Hold well and do not fall during any awkward movement;

Huge selection of diverse designs.


Most of the body is left without a tan;

They are denser than open ones and therefore dry longer.

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